Published at: 2021 / 02 / 04. 16 : 14

The National Statistics Office of Mongolia has been elected as a member of the Board of the United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (UNSIAP) for 2019-2022.

The 16th meeting of the UNSIAP Board of Directors began on 30 November, 2020 and continued virtually on 1 December, 2020.

The meeting was attended by Ms. Bayanchimeg Chilhaasuren, Vice Chairperson of NSO, Mr. Otgonbayar Gantulga, Senior Referent and Ms. Batchuluun Dorj, Referent of the Foreign Relations and Cooperation Division.

The Board meeting discussed the 2020 UNSIAP Report, 2021 Operational Strategy, and the Institute's Resource Strategy.

The National Statistics Office, as a member of the Board, expressed its views on the agenda.

In addition, “The 6th Asia-Pacific Coordination Group Meeting of Statistical training and events” and “The National Statistical system: Overcoming the Covid-19 crisis and Looking for Better Future” online seminar for management of National Statistics Office of Mongolia was organized in 3-4 December 2020.

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