Published at: 2021 / 02 / 04. 16 : 04

The principle of "Leaving no one behind" sustainable development:

No one left behind the development process. The SDG-2030 program has been declared and approved by the countries of the world in order not to leave anyone behind.

However, women and girls have limited access to the development, and traditional gender discrimination persists.

According to the multi-level analysis of 2018 Sample survey of social indicators, the most severe forms of poverty are among low-income women aged 15-49 living in the aimag center of the Khangai region.

There are 57.85% of these women do not have access to basic drinking water, 34.7% does not have access to basic sanitation, 100% or all are homeless with clean fuel and living space, and 17.6% are married when they were minors.

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