Published at: 2020 / 04 / 14. 16 : 01

Ariunzaya, Chairperson of the National Statistics Office, and other officials met with Tapan Mishra, UN Resident Coordinator, and Elaine Marie Konkievich, UNDP Resident Representative.

UN Resident Coordinator Tapan Mishra commended the Government of Mongolia for its prompt and effective action to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and expressed United Nation’s readiness to support and cooperate in overcoming social and economic difficulties. Also, Tapan Mishra expressed that he would work together to improve data on all sectors and on the SDGs report.

Ariunzaya, Chairperson of NSO expressed one’s gratitude to the United Nations and its specialized agencies for their support and presented NSO’s study on the economic impact of coronavirus. The NSO added a questionnaire to the Household Socio-Economic Survey to investigate the impact of the coronavirus on enterprise activities and household livelihoods.

The study will have the advantage of being able to find out how coronavirus-induced complications are being treated, as well as what level of living conditions are most affected.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is conducting a comprehensive socio-economic assessment of the coronavirus and asked for support in its methodology. The National Statistics Office agreed to cooperate with the United Nations and its specialized agencies on a monthly basis.

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