Published at: 2020 / 04 / 14. 15 : 39

Today, In order to develop a statistical statistical data production system, the NSO met with the Smart Government project implementation team and representatives of IT Zone LLC to discuss project implementation and future activities.

The meeting was attended by Ms. A.Ariunzaya, Chairperson of the National Statistics Office, L.Myagmarsuren, Director of the Information Technology Department, Ch.Nurgul, Coordinator of the “Smart Government” Project Implementation Unit implemented by the Government of Mongolia with a soft loan from the World Bank, B.Tseesuren, Deputy Director of IT Zone LLC and related officials participated in this meeting.

During the meeting, Ms. A. Ariunzaya, Chairperson of the NSO, emphasized the importance of the project “Statistical statistical data production system” or the development of statistical statistical data production system. Within the framework of the project, the system will be ready in October 2020, and as a result of cooperation, a comprehensive system for processing statistical data, reports, censuses and surveys that meet modern international standards and requirements will be created.

In addition, comprehensive work will be done to improve a unified network, improve the center of statistical data for data processing, develop a new integrated system for processing statistical data and reports, and automate statistical activities. 

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