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The “Using gender data” award 
Throughout 2019, UN Women has been partnering with Universities and National Statistical Offices across countries in Asia and the Pacific to bring knowledge about gender statistics to students across the region. Through the “Using gender data” workshop series, partners are transforming the way in which gender data is being used. As a result, gender statistics are increasingly making their way into news stories, social media feeds and, ultimately, the lives of every young person in Asia and the Pacific. Knowing, understanding and identifying with these gender data has incredible power to trigger change.  
After the completion of the “Using Gender Data” Workshop series, UN Women will grant a set of “Using Gender Data” Awards. These awards will be granted to students submitting original communication materials utilizing gender data to showcase progress, stagnation or a snapshot of gender equality issues in SDG related fields. Winning participants will be invited to present their projects at the United Nations Building in Bangkok in a regional event, on the sidelines of the Beijing+25 meetings at the end of November 2019.  

Guideline for submissions:  
Deadline for submission: October 20, 2019 
About the Award 
The purpose of the “Using Gender Data” Award is to recognize university students (or a team of students who worked on the same entry) who use different types of media products to make gender data visible and tell stories about gender equality. The award focuses on gender equality across different sustainable development fields. Participants are invited to explore gender inequalities or gender-relevant issues across one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals using gender data. Winners of this contest will be invited to the United Nations Regional Headquarters for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand, to present their projects on the sidelines of the Beijing+25 events in November 2019.  
- All students in Asia-Pacific’s public and private universities are invited to participate.  - Entries can be made individually or in groups (maximum 3 people). - Students must submit original work.  - Only English-language projects will be accepted. 

- Every entry, regardless of the format, has to be related to gender equality issues and use related data.  - The data used must be either publicly available or, if not, the student must obtain adequate permission for using the data for this purpose. Students are encouraged to use official statistics to the extent possible.  - The use of non-conventional data sources – such as big data – will be accepted as well. - The use of data obtained from ad-hoc studies by third party data producers is discouraged. - The topic of the entry must be original.  - The submissions can include own on-going work, as long as it hasn’t been published yet. - Students are not allowed to hire or invite people to conduct the work for them.  - The copyright of all footage or information used in the project must be cleared.  - Plagiarism is a serious offence. Participants will be disqualified for plagiarism.  - By making a submission, participants agree to the possibility of having their work showcased at United Nations events or websites. 

The project can be done in one of the following formats: 
- Investigative news reporting/News feature package (4,000 – 6,000 words with supporting photos and infographics) - Short-form video reporting (Entries should not exceed ten minutes in Length) - Website (3,000 -7,000 words plus multimedia elements, e.g. text, video, photos, graphics, layout, etc.) - Brochure (6 pages for brochure with 3,000 – 6,000 words plus photos, infographics, etc.) - Innovative project (uses new or emerging digital tools to deliver news content in an innovative matter and /or encourage audiences engament with the news) 
Entries may be submitted by sending an email to the following address: 
Each entry must include: - Name of all authors - Contact details of all authors - Dates of birth - Educational affiliation of each student (School and programme) - All materials related to the project (e.g. if the project includes links to specific resources, such resources must be submitted as well)   
Award recognition 
- Winners will be notified via email, and the names of winners will be announced at the end of October 2019.  - Winners will be invited to the UN Regional headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand for a one day presentation and gathering. Travel and lodging expenses will be covered by UN Women.  - Awards will be evaluated based on:  o innovativeness,  o powerful messaging, o degree of use of official statistics and  o power to convey information on gender inequalities (within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals and related fields) to expert and non-expert audiences 

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